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IMPORTANT: Please follow these four steps exactly and completely. Print this page of instructions and use it as a checklist for the application process. Incomplete applications will not be processed!

____ Step 1: Print this rental application form and fill it out completely.

____ Step 2: Print this landlord questionnaire and fill out everything except the six questions on the second page. Fax or mail both pages to your past landlord and send a copy to John Furge. Fax to 972.881.1084 or mail to: John Furge, 901 Stonetrail Drive, Plano, TX 75023.

____ Step 3: Collect the following:
____ a. Prior year's W-2 wage statement(s).
____ b. Your last pay stub(s).
____ c. Your boss' direct phone line. (____)______________
____ d. Your previous landlord's phone line. (____)___________
____ e. Photocopy of your drivers license.
____ f. A check for $30.00 payable to John Furge. This is a non-refundable application fee.
____ g. If you have a co-signer, I will also run a credit check on that person as well. The fee is an additional $30.00, and items 1-5 above will apply to them as well.

____ Step 4: Fax or mail the application (in Step 1) and the items you collected (in Step 3). Fax to 972.881.1084. Mail to: John Furge, 901 Stonetrail Drive, Plano, TX 75023. I will not process the application if any of the six items above are missing.

Note to the Self-Employed: We can have a discussion about your financial situation to determine what documents will be needed to prove your ability to pay, and your past payment history.


John Furge is licensed as a real estate broker in the state of Texas.

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